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Across more than 200 engagements, Woden has refined the art and science behind crafting an effective brand story. For the first time, these insights are collected into a single collection: Story is the Strategy.

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Great products and interesting brands fail all the time. For modern businesses to thrive, they require a clear, compelling strategic story that inspires prospects, engages customers, motivates employees and attracts partners. Organizations willing to invest in a holistic, purpose-driven narrative are primed for tremendous growth, anchored in the emotional bond the brand shares with customers.

Story is the Strategy  prepares organizations and their leaders to thrive in a story-driven world by delivering insight that helps fuels growth, align teams, excite customers, and define strategy.

What's Inside?

Defining Your Purpose



Aligning Teams with Story


Narrative Frameworks for Growth

Failing to craft a holistic narrative comes at a cost. Not only does a compelling brand story help companies differentiate from the competition, but it roots a company's unique significance in something more than features, benefits, or brand name.

No matter how great a product, it will disappoint if it's sold with the wrong brand story. When an organization understands its authentic purpose—the moral of its story—it shows a commitment to customers, and converts them into evangelists.

Great cultures aren't crafted by foosball tables and beer filled mini-fridges. Great cultures are rooted in organizational purpose, which not coincidentally is what coveted employees value most in a company.

Organizations can't control when their markets will be disrupted, when their customers will evolve, or when a competitor like Amazon will enter the space. What they can control is the story they choose to tell about themselves, and how it allows those brands to endure periods of rapid change.

Positioning for the Future


Customer-Centric Messaging

Organizations must remember what has always propelled them forward: customer relationships, and the story that defines them. Placing customers in the driver's seat ensures an experience they can't help but share.